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        Welcome to Guangxi Nanning Junwei Feed Co.,Ltd. website!
        Tel: +86-771-5610784

        The Pioneer in Precise Absorption of Microelement

        - A World-class Production Base of Microelement Additives -

        Sales network

        Domestic Sales Area Map

        The products manufactured by the company not only win high reputation and cover major market in south China, but also are popular throughout the country. The company establishes steady cooperative relationships with many domestic large-scale feed enterprises.


        Foreign Sales Area Map

        The company’s products are exported to more than twenty countries and areas, such as the USA, Belgium, Denmark, Chile, England, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Taiwan and so on.

        JUNWEI wholly-owned subsidiary - Guangxi Nanning Yiwei Feed Science and Technology CO., LTD. passed EU FAMI-QS approved in 2012.

        Contact us
        Tel: +86-771-5616003
        No. 1 Sales Department: +86-771-5611937
        No. 2 Sales Department (Export): +86-771-5610784
        Fax: +86-771-5611927
        E-mail: yiweifeed@aliyun.com yiyiweiwei@tom.com
        Address: Weisi Rd,Liujing Industry Dist.,Nanning, Guangxi,China
        Copyright(C)2021, Guangxi Nanning Junwei Feed Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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