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        Magnesium Sulphate Monohydrate

        Description of Mixed feed additives Magnesium Sulphate

        1.Product Functions and Features

        Magnesium sulfate is a supplement of magnesium for animal nutrition.

        The product has uniform particle size and good activity, which is beneficial to improving the utilization rate of magnesium.


        2. Introduction

        1-1. Mixed feed additives magnesium sulphate.

        1-2.Additive of microelement magnesium in feed.

        1-3.Usage & dosage:The recommended  amount in the compound feed(calculated by magnesium mg/kg)0-0.4mg for pigs,0-0.06mg for poultry,0-0.4mg cattle, 0-0.2mg for sheep,0-0.6mg for fish .



        White or Kind of White Powder


        4.Product quality standard



        Mg 16%

        Mg 17%

        Magnesium sulphate (counted by MgSO4·H2O)%



        Magnesium sulphate(counted by Mg)%



        Moisture %


        Pass 450μm test sieve%


        Total arsenic content (counted by As)%


        Lead content (counted by Pb)%



        5. Packing:25kg/bag


        6.Storage conditions, methods and precautions:

        1-1. stored in cool and dry places, and used up as soon as possible once unpacked.


        7.Manufacturer:Guangxi Nanning Yiwei Feed Science and Technology CO., Ltd.

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