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        Zinc Methionine Complex


        White or Kind of White Powder.


        Zinc Methionine complex (chelate) with a molar ratio of 2:1: zinc ≥ 17.2%, methionine ≥ 78.0%;

        Zinc Methionine complex (chelate) with a molar ratio of 1:1: zinc ≥19.0%, methionine ≥42.0%;


        As≤5 mg/kg;

        Pb≤5 mg/kg;

        Cd≤6 mg/kg。


        Main effect

        (1) Increase animal growth rate and improve feed utilization rate.

        (2) Improve the hatching rate of fertilized eggs and the hatching rate of hatched eggs, significantly reduce the rate of broken eggs, and extend the peak period of egg production.

        (3) Enhance immunity and anti-stress ability.

        (4) Improve the antioxidant capacity.

        (5) Improve the bioavailability of zinc and reduce environmental pollution.


        Scope of application: Suitable for all kinds of animal feeds for livestock, poultry and aquatic.

        Recommended dosage (calculated as zinc):

        Piglets, 70-110mg/kg ;

        Growing pigs, 30-80mg/kg ;

        Reserve pregnant sows, 40-70mg/kg ;

        Broiler/duck, 40-50mg/kg ;

        Layer/duck, 30-50mg/kg;

        Fish, 20-30mg/kg ; 

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